Benefits Of Electric Motors

The electric motor is an engine. Like all engines it converts one form of power to another. Electric motors involve rotating coils of wire which are driven by the magnetic force exerted by a magnetic field on an electric current. They transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors are everywhere. In your house, almost every mechanical movement that you see around you is caused by an AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) electric motor.

The main advantage of an electric motor over a combustion engine is that it is emissions-free. The preliminary cost of an electric motor is substantially lesser than a fossil-fuel engine with the same horsepower rating. A one-quarter horsepower motor performs the work of two men continuously, more efficiently, and less expensively. Electric motors are resilient, having extensive operating life and marginal service requirements. Automated controls are easily installed to operate electric motors, providing the flexibility of automatic and remote start/stop functions. Automatic controlling devices save labor, which ultimately makes production more cost-effective by reducing expenses.

Technically, an electric motor works with high torque at low revolutions, more so than a thermal motor, and responds more quickly. It is low-maintenance too, because it has no fluids inside, which also makes it more reliable. It is also easier to control, making it ideally suited to the sailboat’s needs.

The following are the benefits we can get from using electric motors:

  • Low Initial Cost
  • Long Life
  • 90% Efficiency
  • Can run at high speed
  • Automated Control
  • No Fossil Fuels
  • Save Labor Costs
  • Occupational Safety

Because electric motors operate smoothly and contain relatively few moving parts, they have extensive operational life-spans. For instance, an appropriately selected and maintained electric motor offers up to 30,000 hours of operating life without major repairs. This is the approximate equivalent of three and a half years of perpetual usage

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